Himalayan CrystalLitez Natural Salt Crystal Rocks,2 LBS bag of chunks ,1 to 2 inches mix

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*100% AUTHENTIC AND PURE Himalayan Salt Rocks from the Salt Mines of Himalaya Mountains.
*These beautiful Himalayan salt chunks are great spare rocks for your salt lamp.It can also be used for bath tab,aromatherapy,art projects decorative purpose or in any kind of salt needs.
*1 to 2 inches mixed size and colors.(Perfect fit to your Himalayan CrystalLitez)
*2 Lbs unrefined salt crystals come in a cotton bag.
Our Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt comes from the Himalayan Region of the Karakoram Mountain range located 400 miles from the Hunza Valley in Pakistan.The salt deposits are roughly 250 million years old,meaning they were deposited long before the earth became polluted with heavy metals, pesticides and PCBs.While there is really no such thing as "organic" salt,this is probably the most pristine salt you will find anywhere on the planet.The rich pink color comes from the 84 natural minerals embedded in the rock salt.Our salt is always stone ground.Enjoy a pure product that has no additives or preservatives.

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